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Video Game Studios

Scripto powers a collaborative writing environment that integrates directly with your build pipeline. Use API endpoints instead of cutting and pasting, and playtest new work immediately.
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Custom Formats.
Video games have their own unique production requirements that need to be represented in scripts. Scripto’s flexible format system can accommodate emotes, camera blocking, and other engine-focused directions.
Ink Different.
Scripto is the only tool that allows direct collaboration in the Ink interactive scripting language, with real-time compilation and a clickable prototype game player that updates as you and your team edit the source script.
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Engine Ready.
Scripto lets you export scripts in machine-friendly formats with our API or via the web app. That means your team can integrate up-to-the-second content changes into your build pipeline, dramatically tightening your iteration cycle and helping you get better results faster.
Localize This.
We can integrate your game’s script format with Scripto’s Rundown feature to auto-generate spreadsheets and reports for VO recording and localization. Scripto takes the manual copying and pasting out of the process so you can focus on the material itself.
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Ready to get started?

Scripto is free for up to 3 collaborators with our basic studio and screenplay formats. Sign up now and try it out!
For larger teams, we tailor plans and pricing to your team size, production order, and feature needs.

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Get in touch for a customized demo and free trial of our paid features, or any reason at all!